ID:Earth (they/them) is a progressive and ethnic singer-songwriter from Seoul, South Korea. With unique tone and dreamlike style of ID:Earth, they were recruited as a keyboardist for the 2018 Korean rock band Transfixion.  Studying several years as a child in China, they also traveled Europe and the  and studying composition in Vrana, Bulgaria they then returned to Seoul to make music.


In February 2019, ID:Earth debuted with the singles “EGYPT” and “Olympus'', as well as joining the Korean dramas “Chocolate'' and “You&I” as a composer for both background scoring and feature songs with their unique aesthetic.


ID:Earth's debut full album is readied for Fall 2020, featuring unique yet dreamy rock vocal. Blending rock, electronic and world influences with orchestral features and their film score influences. Produced by Brad Wheeler, who has multiple nominations and awards at the Korean Music Award's.

RIFYL:  Aurora, Kate Bush, Birdy, Bjork​​