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Chinese Football

Chinese Football 02 by Huyoman (Large).j

Chinese Football is a four piece indie rock/emo/post rock band based in Wuhan China . Chinese Football formed in 2011 when vocalist Xubo met guitarist Wang Bo. The current lineup completed when bassist Li Lixin joined in in 2012 and girl drummer Zhen Zili jumped on board in 2016.

Chinese Football tries to keep the original tension of punk music and operating with a DIY attitude. inspired by late 1990s emo pioneers like Jimmy Eat World, Get Up Kids and American Football, Chinese Football specializes in a potent guitar bass driven wistful indie rock sound. Mixing with brain washed guitar riffs with Mandarin lyrics, Chinese Football is devoted to expressing the fantasy of youth and its frustration.

The band recently joined American Football as a perfectly-matched support on tour. 

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