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Chinese Football

Chinese Football tries to keep the original tension of punk music and operating with a DIY attitude. inspired by late 1990s emo pioneers like Jimmy Eat World, Get Up Kids and American FootballChinese Football specializes in a potent guitar bass driven wistful indie rock sound. Mixing with brain washed guitar riffs with Mandarin lyrics, Chinese Football is devoted to expressing the fantasy of youth and its frustration.​

The band joined American Football as a perfectly-matched support on tour. 

Chinese Football was schedule to tour Europe in 2020, but as a Wuhan band, they were the first affected by the pandemic and last to return with China's recently-opened borders.

Their new album Win / Lose dropped DEC 30 2022 on Bandcamp and is slated to debut on Spotify this month. Listen here:

FFO: American Football, Clever Girl, Elephant Gym

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