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Mason Lindahl

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“He can flip deftly between dense arpeggiated picking and stark, singular chords : “Sky Breaking, Clouds Falling” and Deep Wish” open with what almost resembles an unplugged Glenn Branca.” – WIRE

“The first thing you may notice about Kissing Rosy in the Rain is the sweep of its beauty.” –Pitchfork


Mason Lindahl is a guitarist and composer based in New York City. Self identifying with a feeling of void, the chaos of a never-ending stream of thought. Mason finds peace in nuance and finds more in less. Crushing rain, clashing winds and new skin. Calm in calamity became the inspiration for his latest record Kissing Rosy in the Rain. Closer to Tchaikovsky than Fahey. soft , yet more violent than any repetition. Loud, high intensity arpeggios and long obvious pause lay ground for a climactic and visceral experience into an ever emptying head.

Mason's latest release, 2021’s Kissing Rosy in the Rain comes a lengthy 12 years after the last album he shared.  Published on Tompkins Square, the label’s head, Josh Rosenthal summed up his first listen to Kissing Rosy in the Rain perfectly, “I immediately loved it. Something in the Spanish guitar reminded me of Leonard Cohen. There were sonic artifacts all over the recording like little Easter eggs. The music was desperately sad and dark, but somehow uplifting and hopeful. I just loved it. Mason has done it. He has created his own sonic world. And it is his alone.”

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