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Fake Creators


New musical project formed by the post rock / math rock band, LITE and DE DE MOUSE, an electronic DJ and producer,

Fake Creators is a group of creators pushing the boundaries of music with their ethos of individuality and originality.


Integrating elements from hip-hop, dub, grime and footwork to chill and jungle, they create a unique blend of mystifying psychedelic rock by reimagining LITE’s edgy sounds combined with DE DE MOUSE’s overwhelming physical beats.

Stemming from their live touring experience all over the world, Fake Creators are now ready to embark on a new form of expression, armed with a fierce and emotional mutated soundscape.

The first performance is scheduled for FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2022.

Note: Fake Creators is also available to perform separate sets as LITE, DEDE MOUSE on same billing. 

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