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 Sound of Ceres 

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Sound of Ceres (ex- Candy Claws) is Karen and Ryan Hover joined by members of the Apples in Stereo  and The Drums. While Candy Claws explored terrestrial realms such as the ocean, the forest, and the Mesozoic, Sound of Ceres expands to contemplate all of space and time, and the human place within it.

     Tomorrow, the cosmic New York group Sound Of Ceres are releasing a new album, Emerald Sea, which features narration throughout by performance artist Marina Abramović. Its lead single, “Arm Of Golden Flame,” featured contributions from Abramović, and now its last single does as well. “The Fawn” is a creeping, sparkling fantasia about the passage of time. “Venus Physica, Universe incarnate, completes their transformation into Venus Verticordia, changer of hearts,” Sound Of Ceres’ Ryan Hover said in a statement. “This is the final struggle of the human mind, a defiant creation of meaning within the cloud-tides of entropy, a last fever rage against the slow but unstoppable hand of time.” 

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