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According to the legend, in a remote small village somewhere in the mountains. A farmer lost his cow in a snowstorm. He loved the animal so much that he would not stop looking for it for days. He fainted on the snow and he had a vision, he saw the exact place where the cow was lying. He woke up and walked to find his beloved cow. Wolves had attacked it and it was buried under snow, dying. In its agony the animal ceded his head to the farmer and they became one, giving birth to Vurro : Half man, half cow. He would dedicate his life to spreading its message around the world. !

With magic coming through his Fingers and rhythm running through his veins this animal of the keyboards hits the cymbals with his horns and plays powerful drums with his feet. With bells in his arms and a voice from beyond the grave invites the believers to be transformed in his shamanic ceremony of rhythm and rock and roll. 

Vurro, the wild virtuoso, will open the gates of the rough underworld of rock so you can go across dancing.

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