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Hailing from Venice, California, electronic musician Jasper Patterson, aka Groundislava, first came to light with his self-titled debut release. Growing up as a keen video gamer, Patterson developed his gaming influence and incorporated it into his music by using chiptune and 8-bit sounds. For his debut, Groundislava's roots in '80s nostalgia, TV, and pop culture were incorporated with hip-hop beats. Alongside his own work, he teamed up alongside old-school friend Shlohmo and the producers Ryan HemsworthD33J, and RL Grime to form the Wedidit crew, as well as making a name for himself producing remixes for the artists Slugabed and Shlohmo.

Groundislava's second album, Feel Me, (2011) was a continuation of his ethereal hip-hop sound and featured guests Baths on "Suicide Mission" and Shlohmo on "Big Balance." On the release of Patterson's third album, Frozen Throne, there was a slight change in direction with a more '80s synth-pop feel, and featured R&B-style vocals from the duo Rare Times on several of the tracks.


His album "Endless Voyage" was described by NYLON : "Every piece of this record is connected to Groundislava’s vision of alternative reality". While he most recently dropping Groundislava 2 in January 2018- the lost sequel of his influential debut.

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