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JYOCHO (じょうちょ) is a Japanese math rock and post rock band from Kyoto. JYOCHO was originally started as a solo project of guitarist Daijiro Nakagawa (ex. Uchu Conbini) in 2016. JYOCHO is the spiritual successor to Uchu Conbini's sublimely crafted math-pop. The songwriting and tone have matured, and the addition of flute brings with it an almost folk flair.  Daijiro recruited an elite group of musicians to bring his intricately beautiful compositions to life and JYOCHO’s sound.

JYOCHO is the phenomenal solo project of Daijiro Nakagawa and his beautifully intricate and soulful take on math-rock will unequivocally appeal to fans of This Town Needs Guns (TTNG), toe, and American Football.

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